"So happy to have found Sally to do the Backing of my Mare!"

Michelle Jukes said –

"I am so happy to have found Sally! And never been so happy to have been let down by a friend! After a long standing arrangement regarding the backing of my mare with a friend was cancelled I went on a search to find just the right person for this purpose.
I have owned my mare from her being eight months old and she means the world to me. I was under no illusion that I would find separation from Tian difficult but I was determined to make sure her ridden career had the best possible start.
To cut a long story short my search led me to Sally Mitchell. Sally took the time to show me and my friend Adel around her setup. We were both very impressed at Sally's professionalism, knowledge and confidence. It was immediately apparent that Sally is devoted to equine rehabilitation, education and care. We both warmed to Sally's quiet nature and were convinced straight away she was the right person for Tian. Sally came across as every bit as interested in Tian as I was.
Sally came out to my yard and gave me a lesson in groundwork which I could practise at home. This groundwork is the mainstay to everything we do and I can't tell you how relevant and useful it has proven to be!
I dutifully practised at home and after a few weeks delivered Tian to Sally's yard.
I was kept up to date with every single bit of Tian's training and was present for alot of it. Sally made it clear that my education was important to her as Tian's. This was great for me because I saw everything and it instilled me with such confidence, Tian did not have one single moment of stress or worry and every bit of the training was fully accepted by her. And every bit of it had relevance! Watching and being part of this really helped when it came to my turn! But not only that, because I was there and because Sally taught me the foundation training as well as Tian when we went home we were able to continue in the same vein.
I cannot express in words how grateful I am to Sally. My horse is totally relaxed at being ridden and 100% confident. Sally's methods returned Tian to me as a responsive youngster with excellent brakes. We currently hack out and school, everything is kept simple and steady as I'm keen not to rush her but we are continuing our education with Sally and can't wait for a lift in the weather so we can get our lessons back on track. I really think she has a lot to offer us still and can't wait to get going again.
It's fair to say Tian has always been confident and chilled out, but it's also fair to say that this could easily have been spoiled. I would recommend Sally wholeheartedly and never would I have believed that I would trust another with my horses wellbeing in the way I did with Sally. I didn't worry for a minute, the experience was priceless. Thank You Sally!!!"

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