What Sally can offer

Whether you have a horse that is obedient or one that demonstrates behavioural problems, you will learn how to improve your training which will result in an easier, more relaxed horse to ride as well as one that will last.

Riding Lessons – Coaching for riders of all ages and abilities, from basic handling on the ground, to pony club riders, adult amateurs and competitive riders. Sally teaches all around Yorkshire and holds clinics and demonstrations across the UK. Please do not hesitate to contact Sally if you would like to arrange a clinic in your area.

Schooling – Combining classical training principles with the emerging discipline of Equitation Science, Sally specialises in schooling horses and ponies to improve them for their riders. She is known for producing relaxed, obedient horses, with the emphasis on training lightness and self-carriage which ensures the horse is free from mouth confusions and greatly assists in the horse’s longevity.

Foundation Training (Starting) – Offers your young horse a great start to life using techniques founded on Equine Learning Theory. These methods are outlined in the book ‘The Truth About Horses’ & ‘Academic Horse Training’ by Andrew Mclean and are based on teaching correct responses to the aids and deleting any flight response. Horses started this way are light and easy to ride with good brakes and steering. They move in self-carriage and are forward and co-operative.

Behavioural Work & Difficult Loaders - Sally prides herself on having a sympathetic and ethical approach to any equine training issues. She uses a mix of in hand and under saddle techniques to help the horse to respond to your aids in the correct manner without flight or fear.

Competing – At all disciplines including Show Jumping, Dressage, Eventing. Or even just giving your youngsters a good experience at their first shows. Maybe your horse has started playing up at competitions or you have lost a bit of confidence. Sally can help your horse get over it’s anxiety and help you regain your confidence.

Sales – Sally can sell your horse on your behalf and can also source horses and ponies for potential buyers. Please contact her if you are looking for a horse or pony, whether it’s a competition horse or a happy hacker.