Helen said -

“I have been having lessons with Sally since June 2009.

I first asked her to help me with hacking out my 4 year old mare, Jazz, as I had become an “unhappy hacker” after a bad experience when my mare was terrified of some barking dogs.

So we stayed in the arena and concentrated on our schooling and I toyed with the idea of selling Jazz to someone who could give her a less boring life than I could.  Sally took Jazz for hacks on her own but also came out on foot (for miles!) with me on Jazz.  We interspersed the hacks with lessons and I found that I was starting to enjoy riding Jazz rather than feeling guilty about having a horse that I was scared of riding, other than in an arena or an indoor school.  I learned how to train Jazz to be obedient and responsive and she changed from a rather stroppy mare into a placid and biddable horse.  In our lessons I always felt I could ask Sally to explain things to me umpteen times when I couldn’t multi-task and obey two instructions at once.  Sally and Jazz continued to hack out happily together for several months and then one day I decided to take Jazz out.  On my own.  For the first time in nearly a year.  We both enjoyed ourselves and I felt a huge sense of achievement.  We are both now “happy hackers” thanks to Sally.”

Helen and JazzHelen and Jazz


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