Claire said -

“My horse had a very bad start to life, he got into the wrong hands as a youngster with people using aggressive, vicious methods of a way of handling him.  When I got him he was frightened of his own shadow but I fell in love with him and decided I was his only hope in life.

People were very quick to write him off saying he was “lazy” “mental” “rude”, “hollow” even down to an instructor saying “he needed some lead in his lug”!

With Sally’s help he has been truly turned around, the thought of dressage (or stressage as I called it) just didn’t exist to me anymore. It really wasn’t worth the hassle of taking such a nappy, petrified, tense horse into such a situation we both hated so much!
With Sally’s help he has turned into a pure superstar, has won many dressage competitions, is a true gentleman in the arena now with a relaxed outlook to the whole idea and we both now actually enjoy the occasion!  

I wish I had known Sally at the time of buying him as these problems could have been solved so easy instead of wasting years of trying to use the traditional methods of force/plead/bribe him in to doing things when the real reason was he just didn’t understand.

It has made me so happy winning competitions I never thought he were possible of even entering the ring for and this is all down to Sally’s expertise! An added bonus is my horse always suffered with a locking stifle joint in the Winter, but since working with Sally this problem seems to be cured as he hasn’t suffered for the first time in 8 years!“

ally and DandyClaire and Dandy


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