Anna McDermott said -

“We bought our Welsh Sec D, Leo, in Sept 2008. He was 4 yrs old, newly backed & fairly laid back considering his age & inexperience.  

We first encountered a problem soon after Leo arrived when he lost a shoe. I called my farrier out to pop it back on assuming shoeing would be a doddle. How wrong was I?!   As soon as the farrier got his kit out Leo got upset & was not at all happy to be shod.  He kicked out, reared up & was very difficult.  After a lot of struggling, the shoe was back on & the ordeal over, til next time.

On subsequent visits from the farrier Leo's behaviour got worse, to the point where he would explode with fear, lashing out with all his strength & becoming very dangerous.  The only way to get the job done at this point was to call the vet to give IV sedation which pushed the cost of shoeing up to £140 incl vets call out fee & was not treating the problem, just masking it.   We tried ACP paste but that had no effect what so ever.

Sally was recommended to me by our physio who'd come to eliminate back pain as a cause for Leo's misbehaviour.  I honestly can't thank Sally enough for what she's done with Leo. She was able to make things very clear to Leo as to what was expected of him without ever being harsh or unkind. After a couple of ground work sessions with Leo, the farrier was able to hot shoe him with no sedation or trauma what so ever. Sally taught both Leo & myself how to deal with what had been a totally stressful situation & in a very short time he learned to stand quietly & happily for the farrier.   An added bonus is that his manners also improved enormously & he ties up & leads etc beautifully.

I was so impressed by Sally's kind, confident way of dealing with Leo that I approached her to give lessons to my daughter, Ruby, who was not terribly confident riding a large, young horse when previously she'd only ridden ponies.  Both Ruby & Leo have come on in leaps & bounds (quite literally) & were very soon happily jumping & cantering round 20 acre fields together!

Without Sally's help & guidance I'm not sure where we'd be with Leo now."

Anna and LeoAnna and Leo


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